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We don’t just sit around and let your profile go to waste. We are working days and nights to match you with the best spot you deserve.


Find where you belong, track your application, interview schedule, project history and calculate your earnings with Pickus. Everything in one place.


Market yourself to reputable companies and become a Superstar, and you know what they say about one; it’ll shine even in the darkest night.


Yes. We highly appreciate loyal stars and as such, we have various rewards for them ready. Join Pickus and find out yourselves how we thank you.


Being virtuous is what we do and we make sure it is translated into our consultants too. Why? Because you deserve it


Transparency is our core value and we do hold to it tightly. Numbers? Margins? Skills? Experience? Quality? Yes, we reveal them all.

Local Superstars

Yes, our own local talents are world-class and we know this well; we all do. And where to get the best of the best? Yes, you know that too.


Post jobs for free, track them, keep tabs on your interviews, and calculate your cost with Pickus. This is the one place you’re looking for.

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Are you an ERP Consultant?

And struggling to get that job continuity? Why not Pickus where you can search for your future and have us doing the same too?