5 Things To Avoid When Applying For Jobs

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    5 Things To Avoid When Applying For Jobs

    When jobs are scarce and companies aren't hiring as much, it is a scary scene for us jobseekers out there. More so if you're inexperienced, or just recently graduated. Check out these 5 things you should never do in job applications.

    Blasting your application


    Have you ever heard of people sending 30 resumes and still didn’t manage to land an interview? Heck, we’ve even heard of people sending hundreds, even thousands of resumes and still can’t manage to secure 2 interviews at scam centres.

    Blasting your application sure does make sense if we are talking purely in statistical language. But come on, both you and I know there are more factors in applying for a job. Blasting it without any customisation or specialisation will never get you anywhere but down. Instead of emailing thousands of recipients in one email draft, why not take your time with each application and write it properly?

    Coming late to interviews

    Now that you have tackled the emailing part, don’t hurt your chances by giving a bad first impression to your potential employers. “This advice is too common, we knew this, bla bla bla..”, but people are still doing it! We can’t say it’s common sense if it isn’t in us can we?

    Surely you were given the location beforehand. Study the map of the location, determine the best route and mode of transport, plan ahead, get early, don’t just wing it. You never know when unexpected things can happen along your way.

    My bike broke down lah, my tyre punctured lah, aiyo you people, macam-macam!

    Not telling interviewers when you can’t make it

    Some people really have the guts... This frustrates us soo much. Although you are ‘that’ marketable, do you think you can afford to have a bad reputation on your name? If you can’t make it to the interview, at least have the courtesy to call/email, heck even whatsapp them and tell you’re not gonna be there.

    With the wide usage of job platforms nowadays, you have to be very careful. Some of them have blacklist feature which can be prompted by the employers should you do anything unfavourable say..... not telling your absence to the interview session, I don’t know.

    And then when the time comes for you to jump again, what do you know... a blacklist status on your profile there, unknowingly placed. Yeah, who’s laughing now?

    Selling your sob story

    Yeah, looking for pity, that’s what it is. Come on guys, everybody has their own struggle and test, but you don’t have to go around town announcing it to the others, especially not to the interviewers! When you come into the room, we don’t want to know your personal sad sagas. Don’t sell us those, sell us what you can do!

    As sad as the story you can conjure, we never hire a person because of that. And what’s worse is; not only does it not add merit to your favour, it can even lose you a point in that matter. So, keep it to yourself and focus on your skills, experience, and potential.

    Reading script, religiously.

    If you google right now, ‘answers to common interviews questions’, there will be thousands and thousands of sites offering you template answers to literally every conceivable question people have been asked in interviews. We’re not saying they’re useless, no.

    But most often than not, if we detect that you have memorised it, they are as good as my 3-day pizza; you can still eat it, but it belongs to the trash bin. So, use those templates to practice, whatever, but never ever ever memorise it because once we go off road, you’ll be swayed wayyy out of your lane. Get it? And yes, we loooove going off road, just so you know.

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