5 Types of Recruiters You Will Meet

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    5 Types of Recruiters You Will Meet

    Being a highly wanted professional is a good thing, and a bad thing. You’re constantly contacted and sought by recruiters but not all of them offer the job that fits you. Sometimes it’s just too overwhelming and there comes a time where you just want to shut them all down and let yourself be. Well, we don’t blame you though. With all kinds of recruiters out there, we’re sure you are justified.

    Speaking about them, let’s see just what you have encountered OR will encounter in the future.

    1. Driven (or AKA, pushy)

    These people are often external recruiters; those who are hired or on incentive-based jobs to find candidates for other people. They are driven because they need to chase that deadline. They won’t stop for anything and they’ll keep plowing and plowing until they get what they need. One simple way to know these kinds of people is they’ll ask for your CV right away after just a short introduction, hoping you’re desperate enough to do so.

    How to face them?

    If you’re really interested, just ask for more information and if they’re diligent enough to answer all your questions, then maybe you can drop off your CV. Your CV is not that cheap, don’t sell it short!


    2. The Spray and Pray


    These people may be a subset of those above. What they’ll do is copy and paste a template and blast it out to hundreds of people. If it is a subset of the pushy bunch, then why do we classify them separately?


    Well people, that’s because they’re so annoying that it warrants them a whole category for themselves. They don’t care what you do, who you are, what your background is, they’ll just spray away, playing the statistics game, hoping to catch a few fish in the sea.


    What to do with these people, right?


    Just tell the job doesn’t fit your credentials, and maybe slip in a word of advice to do some researches first. Though, we doubt it that they’ll listen. It’s worth a try.


    3. The Noobs


    Gaming people use this word, which means ‘Newbies’. These young ones are new to the job, but they have that fire in their hearts. It’s good that they have such enthusiasm, but burning fire dies quickly. They may be so energetic initially but after some rejections and countless failures to get placements, they’ll be down in the ground. You might’ve seen some of them complaining in social media, yes, that’s the diary of the new generations.


    What can you do?


    So, listen, these people are very fragile. But, they are very passionate. Given the right attitude and guidance, they’ll make good recruiters in the future. What we can do when we are approached by them and sadly have to decline them is, offer a word of encouragement. And if you know somebody who might fit the descriptions, you might want to help them out.


    What goes around, comes around.


    4. The Pros


    Ahh…we love these guys (and ladies). It’s that initial approach, the tact, the professionalism, and then there’s the follow-ups and acting like they’re our friends. Don’t get us wrong, most of them would make good friends. These people are just killing it! How to recognise them, though?


    When they contact you, they’ll take everything into consideration. They’ll start with a warm greeting, asking how are you and they’ll be frank right away. After all, we all can agree that we don’t like to waste time on a useless conversation. But their tone is not pushy. They are friendly, but not too friendly, it’s like they’re standing on a line between being friendly and being professional. A sweet spot isn’t it? They don’t seem to be desperate, and when you ask them questions, most often than not, they’ll answer you swiftly and if they didn’t, they would apologise and come out with a good excuse. Even when you decline their offer, they still give you a top-notch courtesy.


    What to do when you stumble upon them?


    Count your blessing!


    5. The Taleteller


    Have you ever received some messages through LinkedIn, or email that started with a long description of what somebody or some organisation is or what they are doing? They’ll attach some links, attachments, even videos for your consumption. Well, some people can appreciate this kind of openness, but others might think this being too forward and imposing.


    And when they get to hook us, they’ll go on and on about the client or their organisation, hoping that it would be a pull factor for us to accept their initial offer. This kind of recruiting is not hard. After all, they might already have some templates and training in place, apart from a lot of money to support them.


    Run away or face them?


    If they too are spray and pray people and they don’t actually at all fit in your needs, then you can choose to ignore them. However, if you think that the opportunity is somehow linked to your profession, and the recruiter was being careful in approaching you, you might want to decline them politely should you’re not ready to move on. Do not close any door. You’ll never know.


    And those are the 5 types of recruiters we can think of at the moment. And hey, we are not an expert in this field, there might be other types too! So don’t take our words as a holy testament, take it with a pinch of salt.


    Have a nice day people!

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