10 go-to-jobs after Covid-19 in Malaysia

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    10 go-to-jobs after Covid-19 in Malaysia

    There seems to be a change in the trending jobs post-Covid-19. Perhaps this is how people improvise with the changed situation in the industry. Some roles which we didn’t pay much attention to back then are suddenly in high demand.

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    Referring to a The Star graphics, the top 10 most popular job titles among LinkedIn members hired in all industries in Malaysia are as follows;

    1. Software Engineer

    Software engineers are the masterminds and maintainers of all the software we use daily. And, this occupation has strong job prospects because more and more industries continue to rely heavily on technology.

    We have developed a sort of heavy reliance on technology so it is not surprising if the demand of software engineers continues to increase? Why – because technologies will constantly be improvised in future.

    2. Marketing Executive

    The marketing field can branch out into many areas and this applies to marketing executives. From creative to analytical or even administrative responsibilities, a marketing executive oversees many things at a time.

    However, its main role will always be to develop and supervise marketing campaigns specially in product and service promotions.


    Malaysian schools have always practised traditional classroom learning. To shift to a digital setting surely was a huge challenge, but teachers were able to execute them.

    So even when many industries came to a complete pause, the education sector strived through. Hence, opting to be a teacher in a way, became a type of reassurance to most jobseekers despite the pandemic.

    4. Project Engineer

    Imagine the number of projects that came to a halt when Covid-19 happened. How could they have carried on when the situation was bad at that point of time?

    Now that situations have improved, many delayed projects are resuming once again. This is why project engineer jobs are becoming popular, who else will manage technical projects if not them?

    Project engineering encompasses of management of budget and scheduling process in order to ensure successful projects are delivered.

    5. Business Development Executive

    After a rough 2020, most businesses would want to get back on track in achieving success. This is where all kinds of business planning come into the picture, and what better way to do it than hiring a business development executive.

    Their expertise revolves around driving company sales and sourcing new clients. Perfect way to get started with your business restructuring.

    6. Account Executive

    Besides business development, it is good to have an account executive in your business. When a business development executive does the planning, an account executive handles the needs of the existing customers and attracting new ones as well.

    There is also a revenue target that should be achieved. Sell your company’s products or services and you will be paid in the form of commissions.

    7. Business Development Manager

    A business development manager's primary role is to really go deep in to identifying new business opportunities. Most of the time, they go about pinpointing new markets and partnerships which can bring in more revenues.

    Therefore, if your hidden skills and talent happen to be winning business, this role would be ideal for you.

    8. Sales Executive

    A sales executive is all about planning sales strategy – how would you sell products, goods and services to customers and clients.

    At the same time, they also look out for new sales prospects, deal with negotiations and maintain customer satisfaction.

    9. Lecturer

    Besides teachers, the lecturer profession is also perceived as a secured job during the pandemic. This is mainly because lectures are conducted online even if students are not on campus.

    But bear in mind you will need to at least have a Master’s Degree to teach at universities.

    10. Graphic Designer

    Remember when we stayed home during the pandemic? Yes, this was one of the peak moments where marketing grew significantly, mainly online marketing.

    It takes one person to plan the marketing campaign, but it also takes another to design the promotional materials. Graphic designers are visual communicators which communicate ideas through visual art forms.

    There is no doubt that the pandemic has impacted the job market and it will definitely require some time for matters to go back the way they formerly were.

    It does not necessarily mean that you only have to go with the listed job opportunities above as what matters at the end of the day is doing something you are passionate about.

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