Hacking Interviews Like a Boss

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    Hacking Interviews Like a Boss

    Interviews are hard, right? You go to countless of them just to find yourself frustrated at the end of the day. Have you wondered why? Well, don't worry, we are here to help you hack it like a boss.


    Body language speaks the loudest


    Yes, you heard it right. Whilst humans are accustomed to lying or not telling the whole truth, not many have mastered the art of deceiving with body language. Most often than not, it speaks louder than your words and shows more truth than one can ever imagine. Just so you know, we are not looking at you from top to bottom just to find faults in your body language, but these things, they show themselves, just like that.


    When you enter the room, we want somebody who gives that good vibe, somebody who is confident and outgoing, ready to join an energetic (maybe too much) and vibrant team; showing that you are genuinely interested in us. Sit comfortably and avoid slouching, keep your chin raised and your shoulders up.


    Then, when you are speaking, where do your hands go? Gestures are fine but we are not looking for a musical maestro, so you don’t have to be one. Use the appropriate amount of gestures, enough to help you explain things, but not too much that it can distract us. Those things happen, really.


    How about your eyes? Did you look at the right places, or is the floor more interesting? Or is there something stuck on the ceiling? We are confused sometimes, confused about whom you are talking to. It’s a red flag, to be honest.


    Use the appropriate amount of gestures, enough to help you explain things, but not too much that it can distract us


    Study the family


    The family you are joining, that’s right. When we call the candidates, we were really interested to know them more, as they will be one of the family members here. So in return, if we can get someone who is just as interested to know us, that would be so good and we would be so happy.


    Most candidates we called never took the effort to even google for us, and we are kinda sad, truly. So, why study the family?


    But of course, you have to! You are essentially joining a new one, and this new family is whom you are going to live with (in-office hours, at least). Are you just going to join strangers? Well, that's just not wise, not wise at all.


    Take that initiative to know them, any way you can. If they have a website, social media accounts, blogs, anything, read them and know them. Those who don't really tell us something; that they are not interested enough to join us, and in time, the feeling will be mutual.


    Do this BEFORE you apply, people. Because once you have done so, the response might be fast and you wouldn't have the time to get to know the family. And then what? Things will not be looking good for you, we can guarantee.


    And this new member joining us, can you guess what she did? She read ALL of our blog articles and social media postings, just to know more about us. So, naturally, we didn’t have to introduce ourselves, albeit we were very eager to. We fell in love immediately. This is a living proof of why studying the family matters.


    Don’t read the script, be you.


    Because we know all too well about textbook answers. Listen, we are looking for somebody with their whole personality included. If we want to hire a robot, you wouldn’t be here in the interview, right? Some of the questions might be so common for people out there, that there are scripts and templates on how to answer them.


    But the thing about following a script is, it’s hard for you once we lapse away from it; of which we really love to do. Scripts are boring, uneventful, uncharacteristic, unoriginal. The objective of calling you here is to know the real you. So, we might ask you this and that, and when you revert to your script after all that, it’s very off-putting.


    Embrace who you are and just talk sincerely. Use your strength and weakness to your advantage and we’re sure you’ll blow the interview, in a good way.


    Scripts are boring, uneventful, uncharacteristic, unoriginal


    Speak, don’t spit.


    What we meant is, relax, and just speak clearly. Collect your thoughts and deliver them calmly. We do ask a lot of impromptu questions, and we don’t expect you to give us instant answers. We understand that you need to do some thinking before you can really answer them. But, just don’t take too long.


    Use simple words, examples, and go straight to the point. Don’t go beating around the bush just to reach a totally unrelated point. Remember, effective communication is when people understand you and vice versa.


    Polish up your English and use it as much as possible. For a position that will face people on a daily basis, you can’t have a lot of ummm and lahh in your sentences. Some of the common examples include ‘you know’, ‘as we all know’, and of course, ‘like’. You can use them no problem, but when every sentence ends or starts with them, it is a pain to listen, and even you can agree with that.



    That’s all! Yes, we are not going to tell you what to answer this and that. You know the answers. How you answer them matters more than the answers themselves. There’s no shortcut, no other easy way other than to blaze through it like a boss.


    Oh, maybe just one more, practice makes perfect. Who cares if your brother or sister calling you crazy when you talk to the mirror. It’s your life, you do want you need to do.


    Good luck!


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