How To Be A Good Listener

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    How To Be A Good Listener

    Most often than not, when we mention ‘communication skill’, we will be thinking of how to be a good speaker, to get the message across and to not be that nervous when we talk in front of people.


    What people fail to realise is, communication is a two-way interaction. True, you have to be a good speaker, but more importantly, you have to be a better listener!


    Well, what is there to know about listening? I mean, you just, be there, and listen or whatever, right? Well, turns out, there is more to it than just being there. But, it is undeniable, ‘being there is the first step of being a good listener. Without further ado, let’s go.


    Be there


    People say that millennials, Gen Y, Gen Z and etc. are a bunch of rude misfits that would just focus on their gadgets even when they are interacting with others physically. Well, this rude behaviour knows no generation and more importantly, when you do this, the people who are talking to you will feel like you are not giving them your full attention hence you wouldn’t understand what they are talking about, let alone care about it.


    Be there, at the moment, give your full attention. You don’t have to pretend to do so if you are really doing it. Believe me, this little change will affect the perception towards you immensely. You’d be pissed too if you are talking to someone and at the end, they just go “I’m sorry, what’s that again?”




    You don’t have to pretend to do so if you are really doing it


    Listen to understand


    Have you ever found yourself in such situation where you are just so eager to reply when you are listening to someone else talking? Well, debaters (me included) have this bad habit of doing so. But let’s face it, others have their moments too. We are so eager to get people to listen to what we want to say that we forget to listen and divulge on what the other person said.


    Oh yes, it’s easy to detect too and it is an instant turn off. No effective communication can be achieved if you still have that attitude. If you are so fixated at talking without first considering what the clients or any other people have to say for that matter, you will not survive long in this line of work, and in other aspects of your life as well.


    Judge, you should not.


    If you are so fixated on judging the messenger, you might miss the message


    Everybody has their own circumstances, specializations and reasons. No matter how absurd someone may sound to you, they have their own path that leads them to that point. If you are having a friendly chat with your friends, there is no harm in taking some things to be used as jokes and all.


    But if we are talking business, you should not judge the person. Engage in a manner as such to reach an understanding. If you are so fixated on judging the messenger, you might miss the message. This is one bad habit we all share. It is an innate trait, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t train to be better.


    It’s not so hard is it? For some, it is. They are so accustomed to their way that they are too hard to be shaped again. But listening is a paramount skill to have in the workplace, and in your life. You can take these advises to improve yourself at your office but you’ll find that they’ll be useful outside of it too.



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