Quitting a job mid-pandemic?

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    Quitting a job mid-pandemic?

    Should you even think about quitting your current job in the middle of pandemic? It may seem risky, but depending on your industry, it might actually be a good time to be brave -- brave with brain.

    Source: Department of Statistics Malaysia Official Portal


    As you know companies in many industries are reducing staff and postponing hiring. Some are predicting 20% – 30% unemployment levels later this year. Even when hiring picks up, the market might be overfilled with highly qualified candidates. Do you have what it takes to compete? If you want to leave without securing a new job, think about how much savings you will need to sustain yourself during a long span of unemployment. Saving up to quit can be a really tiring thing to do. In this crucial situation, you will need to have plans after you quit your current job, whether you are moving to another company or build your own business which you think can last through the pandemic. I highly advise you to take some time to re-evaluate what you want to do next. Most importantly, prioritize your mental health.




    Talking about mental health, if the job environment is toxic and putting a toll on your health. It is better to quit than to have your health overtake you one day. Your own well-being is more important. If the job makes you unhappy, it is not worth it. There is no doubt that you need to consider the risks in the financial aspect, but if leaving your current job means putting your mental health first, it will be a risk you will be more than willing to take. Search for a company that cares for the mental health of their employees rather than staying in a company that makes you feel miserable every single day of your life. To be realistic, none of this will be easy, thus it is important to pull yourself together and be brave about your decision.

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    “All it takes is one decision, a lot of guts, a little vision to wave your worries and cares, goodbye..”

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