Compliment Resumes with Recommendation Letters

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    Compliment Resumes with Recommendation Letters

    Your resume is actually a way of you branding yourself to the recruiters out there. Right from the top to the bottom of the page, you construct it to display your truest capabilities. You then wrap it up by including a few referrals' contact information in your resume.

    Is that adequate for you to proceed to apply for jobs or should you still work on enhancing your resume? How about adding in a recommendation letter to complement your resume? Could it possibly score you your dream job?

    What is a recommendation letter and how is it necessary for job applications?
    A letter of recommendation is a specified letter from a lecturer, previous employer or an individual who can assure and certify your skills and performance. It could also act as a supporting document designated for you to attach along with your resume.

    While some say it is crucial to add these recommendation letters when applying for jobs, another option that is widely practised among job seekers is adding some referees on the resume. This allows recruiters to personally get in touch with them to retrieve more information on the respective candidate.

    Now think this through – recruiters go through hundreds of resumes to shortlist the selected ones. Wouldn’t it be great to save their time on contacting your list of referees by just providing them with recommendation letters instead? Having those letters may even make your application stand out from the rest.

    How to obtain recommendation letters?
    First things first, identify the right people to reach out to for these letters. Do not go about approaching every person you know just to get them to write for you. It has to be written by an authentic credible source who knows you or has worked with you.

    Once you have got that sorted, contact them personally to make the request. Bear in mind that this process may take up some time as your referrals may be caught with a lot of things. Hence, give them the time they need to come up with the recommendation letter.

    It is advisable to pre-plan the recommendation letter requests before you even get started with your job hunting. This is so you can approach other referrals in case the ones you contacted deny your request.

    What does a good recommendation letter consist of?
    If you want the recommendation letter to be helpful for your job application, then it should be tailored in a way that points out your skills and qualities. However, it also depends on how your referee constructs the letter. You may request him to include certain information which you think is required for a particular role you are applying for.

    Generally, the letter should appear as an endorsement for you. This is why the person writing should be someone who knows you as from there will he be able to highlight your qualifications and strong points. It would also be good if he could add his thoughts on your previous work and achievements.

    A single-page recommendation letter would suffice for it is the content that matters most. These letters are essential in conveying important valuable information about you. Plus, it assists recruiters in establishing a firmer perception of you.

    Now reach out to your connections and start planning on how you want your recommendation letters to be!

    Recommendation letter credits to Sir Mohd Fadzil Harun. Follow him on Linkedin!

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