The Dark Side of Freelancing

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    The Dark Side of Freelancing

    At this point, you might be weighing whether to quit that permanent jobs of yours and venture into freelancing or not. Well, can’t blame you though; after all those perks and extra money you heard your friends doing freelance contracting got. But, nobody told you the dark side of it. Like Uncle Ben once said, “with great power, comes great responsibility”. What a good way to live isn’t it? Taking advices from a fictional character and all? Well it’s true nevertheless.

    Don’t worry, we will tell you all you need to know before going into freelancing. If you are these kinds of people, you might want to make a change within first before you decide to make a life-changing decision.

    You want a distinction between work and personal matters


    Working as a freelancer means you can work from home, or anywhere, anytime. But you should know, you also ‘have’ to work anywhere anytime too. This means, your work will, at times intervenes your quality time with your family or friends as you are expected to deliver the tasks given regardless of your you whereabouts and what you are doing at the moment. Your work-life matters will be interweaved with each other and if you are not willing to face that, you might want to avoid freelancing for now.


    You want to have long holidays and vacations


    The highlight of a paid worker’s year. A long and nice holiday with the wife and kids. For permanent positions, doing so is not a hassle as you can easily plan your leave and apply for it beforehand. Then, you can plan where you want to go, what you want to do, etcetera. But with freelancing, you can’t just turn down offers just because you wanted to go for that holiday or if I may term it better, you don’t have the luxury to do so. The next job might not come as easily, and when you turn down an offer, it might affect your prospect clients afterwards. One mistake and it may cost you your livelihood.


    You would like to enjoy benefits and bonuses

    If I were to give an analogy, being a permanent worker is like sitting in a cruise boat; it is slow, you’ll reach your destination much later, but at least you got a smooth sailing, and a safe one too. Freelancing, freelancing is like riding a speedboat. You got to be brave enough to go through a rocky ride, it is unstable; you might even crash, but if you made it through, you are sure to reach your goals much faster and have your peace on the beach afterwards, waiting for the cruise-riders.


    I don’t have to match the analogies for you; you know what is what. So, what kind of person are you? If you still want to be basked in all that comfort, then don’t go into freelancing just yet.


    You are not disciplined enough


    Freedom comes at a hefty price. With the notion of ‘freedom’, comes laziness. Freelancers are their own bosses and they own as much as they work. If you are a diligent person, you’ll earn more. But if you are a lazy person (come on, be truthful, at least to yourself), then, you might want to grow your own ‘taugeh’ at your back yard. You have to take into account your commitments as well. Are you currently single? Do you have any car or house loan? Wife? Family? Until you are really confident that you have that discipline you need, please, stay away from freelancing as it will only do you more harm than good.


    You are not ready to go through the ups and downs


    It doesn’t matter how good you are in what you do, in the end, it is the market that will determine your business’s wellbeing. This is true for large companies that employ you as well, but as a freelancer, you’ll be affected more. It is a direct one too, and you will not have any buffer to absorb all that impact. If you think that you are yet to be strong enough to take that path, then, our advice is, build it up slowly and steadily. Build a strong foundation of which you can stand on and enables you to withstand the storm. But until you have one, stay away from freelancing.


    So how was it, people? Dou you agree with our list, or do you want to add some points yourselves? Tell us what you think in the comment section below and be sure to follow us for more awesome content!

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