Frequently asked questions


We appreciate your patience. To report, do use our chatbox at the bottom right of the site. Alternatively, you may email any issues to and we'll be right on it.
Oh no! We take this very seriously as we did try to accomodate as much as possible. But in the case that we don't have what you want, please email us at to request it and we'll be on it.
The potential employer will be notified via email. They will contact you directly should they're interested in you!
Your job applications that used that particular CV/resume will be not be seen by the potential employers. We advise you to add more CV/resumes instead of deleting the old ones if you still want to be seen in the previous job applications.
Before applying to any job, make sure you have verified your account via the verification email we've sent you. Also, don't forget to upload your CV/resume, it's compulsory!
To include your company's Google map in your company profile,
  1. Search your company's map in Google. Make sure you choose the right location.
  2. Click the share icon.
  3. Click 'embed a map' tab.
  4. Click 'COPY HTML' and paste it inside the Google Map field in your company profile.
  5. Click Update
Interested to make your posted jobs featured? Contact us at and we'll be happy to help you. There are no charges as of now.
Only 16 companies are eligible for the featured slot at a time. Right now we're rotating the slots between our loyal clients that have completed their company profiles. If you want to request for a slot, please contact us at There's no charge at the time being.
This is most probably because the candidate has deleted the CV/resume they use to apply for the particular job.
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